Roel Koopmans Sporthorses

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Roel Koopmans Sporthorses

Balouebet Junior
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Roel Koopmans
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Our company specializes in the discovery and acquisition of , mostly, young horses which have the potential to act in the future at the highest international level . Purchased horses are getting practical training and care , which at that time are optimal for each individual horse . Due to the size of our company , it is possible to spend a lot of time on each horse which in turn goes to character and rideability . Horses come and go but those horses that are special to our family, can stay at our barn to enjoy their pension.

Our special ones

Erlinus v. Marius Claudius

Team USA at Koopmans

Soraya v. Karandasj




Roel Koopmans

Wijsterseweg 13

7931 TR Fluitenberg

Phone: 0031 (0) 653332654


Chamber of Commerce: 01126218

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